Leveraging Medical Device Data in Analytics Cover
The six-page paper examines the importance of analytics in modern healthcare, the value of medical device data to analytics and specific applications where it is already helping make a difference in the quality and efficiency of care.
Healthcare Technology Consolidation whitepaper
The six-page paper looks at the opportunity for hospitals to strategically consolidate elements of their technology infrastructure by deploying a new breed of "converged" medical devices that mimic the multi-functionality of today’s consumer electronics.
Medical Device Information System whitepaper
The six-page paper provides a brief introduction to a Medical Device Information System: the challenges it can solve, and most important, the wide array of applications and complementary systems it can deliver medical device data to, helping to improve patient care delivery
Medical Device Integration in Med-Surg
Harness the Value of Medical Device Data. Download our brochure to learn more.
Medical Device Interoperability whitepaper
In this white paper, you will learn that as healthcare delivery moves beyond the four walls of hospitals and into remote venues, real-time accessibility  to medical device data becomes a vital tool for clinicians.
Medical Device Connectivity: Vendor-Neutral, Open Architecture
White paper describing the types of medical device connectivity and how the vendor neutral approach minimizes points of integration, provides the greatest flexiblity and scalability for hospitals and ensures that all parameters, from all devices can be delivered to the patients record.
The Top 10 Questions IT Needs to Ask Before Implementing Device Integration
Medical device integration benefits hospitals by increasing productivity. Real-time data entry reduces charting errors, and saves nurses up to 3 hours a day of administrative time, freeing them up for more patient care.
White paper describing how medical device connectivity is a proven technology that can save nursing time, positively impact the accuracy and timeliness of documentation, and improve overall patient care and safety.
Enterprise Device Connectivity: Managing Bedside and Device Information Across the Enterprise
White paper describes how an enterprise approach to connectivity meets hospitals goals from clinical, to technical, to management.
Patient Centric Connectivity
Since their inception, clinical documentation applications such as electronic medical records (EMRs) have relied on data tagged with a location-based identifier.