5-in-50 Webinar
Discover how the latest software release increases the value of your SmartLinx Medical Device Information System 
Review this slideshare presentation to learn more about how Capsule helps drive informed clinical and operational decisions at healthcare organizations around the globe.
As the med-surg population becomes more acute, the need for device and data integration is expanding along with it.
Go beyond nursing efficiency and safe delivery of care and realize the financial benefit of device integration in the med-surg environment.
Webinar: Expanding Medical Device Integration to Med-Surg
Medical device integration has been used in higher acuity areas, such as intensive care units and OR, for many years.
A BMDI Project Perspective
Mike Freeman from Sentara Healthcare provides an in-depth review of their BMDI implementation. Hear how they connected over 1,800 medical devices from over 1,000 beds and send data directly to their Epic EMR.
Medical Device Integration: It’s Impact on Patient Safety, Care Outcomes
Discover how medical device integration impacts the entire enterprise from care delivery to ROI and why it is therefore a technology that hospitals should place on their short term priority list.
There's More to Medical Device Connectivity than Meets the Eye
Tim Gee, connectologist and industry expert, reviews the basics of device connectivity and reviews where the future of device connectivity is heading and where it needs to go.
Hear from the University of Kentucky about how to make the most of your EMR with device integration. This webinar outlines the details of the implementation, vendor management, training and support of device integration at UKHealthcare into their Eclipsys system.
Medical Device Connectivity: A Users Perspective and Practical Advice
Hear from Jay Marquez, Interface Analyst at Anne Arundel Medical Center as he provides an in-depth review of their device integration project into Epic.