Capsule™ Vitals Plus:
A New Level of Efficiency and Safety at the Point of Care

Capsule Vitals Plus leverages industry-leading connectivity to collect, analyze and integrate vital signs, clinical observation, and other contextual data. It improves timelines and accuracy of bedside information and reveals actionable trends for intelligence at the point of care.


Cost-Effective Upgrade Path to Intelligent Care

Capsule™ Chart Xpress adds connectivity to existing spot monitors, automates documentation and streamlines vitals collection and charting from hours to minutes. And when those monitors are ready for replacement, health systems can leverage the same Capsule connectivity infrastructure and upgrade to Capsule Vitals Plus for efficient single-screen workflow.


Connect and Maximize Your Existing Spot Monitor
Investment with Capsule Chart Xpress

  • A cost-effective solution to add connectivity and documentation to all leading spot check monitors
  • Enables accurate charting of vitals and patient-specific information
  • Identifies early deterioration and patients at risk with configurable Early Warning Scoring
  • Reduces charting time from hours to minutes while reducing risk of errors


Why Capsule?

Capsule provides flexible and cost-effective integrated surveillance solutions that scale with your needs. Our platforms can help you raise care standards by reducing potential errors, improving the timeless and accuracy of data and enabling care teams to perform at the top of their licensure.